Why The Post: A Message to Our Community

The Allied Political, Press and Commercial Special Interests Make the Decisions


The objective of the Post remains the same: To provide information that is not otherwise available–and there is a reason for that.  Falls Church is a city of an undivided  political whole. That is, notwithstanding the fictitious notion of collective citizen decision making, the governing political structure and its acolytes–the political class, the development interests and the local newspaper are like minded and and in lock step.  Comments, or actions, taken against their interests by citizens are routinely dismissed or attacked.

Our authors have in-depth knowledge over a wide array of disciplines and are independent.  And perhaps most importantly, they are prepared to confront controversial issues when others in the community are unwilling, unable or afraid to so do.

"Everything was fine until you insisted on transparent accounting!"

“Remember: Their Interests ARE Our Facts.”

The articles will be based on the best factual information we have. Responses from readers are welcomed and encouraged. However, comments from the readers–in order to be published–must substantively argue against the information presented in the article.  In past editions, we have received comments disagreeing with an article but using hundreds of words of bloviating rhetoric offering little or nothing in the way of a substantive rebuttal. It will be the practice of the Post that anonymous comments will be printed but held to a strict standard requiring substance.

The Post has Exposed a Number of Issues that May be Good Politics but Lousy Public Policy

  • Exposing the actions of a City Council member, a Constitutional officer as well as a number of members of city boards and commissions, who provided a written defense to a Virginia judge of a convicted pedophile.   They identified themselves as “official”  members of the community and thus seemingly representing citizen-wide Falls Church support for a less severe punishment of this abuser of small girls.
  • Raising the issue of a conflict of interest.  This matter involved the conduct of the School Board chair, the school superintendent and a city councilman.  Their collective efforts resulted in a payment to a engineering company.  The company was charged with determining if and how Mt. Daniel could be relocated to a torn down city hall site. There was only one benefactor of this $7,000 contract: the spouse of the board chair who worked for a development firm.
  • A hard hitting, and independent, analysis of student performance using official State of Virginia data and comparing it with overstated School Board claims.
  • Being the only voice in the City that raised concerns and objected to the premature Mt. Daniel Referendum (which will be the subject of our first article).

Two Other Examples of Deficient Governance and Fiduciary Responsibility by the City Council Stand Out

  • Approving mixed use projects using an out of date fiscal model that overstates financial benefits.
  • Emphasized the need for more transparency and objecting to awarding what was essentially a sole source contracts for the development of the George Mason High School site.
  • A definitive article on the developer rich benefit of the Kensington nursing home project and the parsimonious return of of financial gain for the city.

Those of us who will write for The Post are committed to the city, especially the very young school and pre-school children.  Falls Church is where all citizens expect the very best education from our schools all the way from K thru 12.  And at the same time, we are committed to the taxpayers who foot the bill and have seen their hard earned tax money questionably used.

The Post Contributors

We have won elections to the City Council and we have been defeated–as well as being candidates for the school board.  We believe the City Council and School Board can do a better job of managing our collective assets–a much better job with greater candor and transparency.  We will do our part to make sure you have additional informed views upon which to judge their conduct.

Format and Appearance 

On the format side of the ledger, The Post site has been updated to provide readers with easier access to the material offered by our authors and commenters. The Post also now will be available on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, we will be continuing our e-mailed NEWSLETTER version.

First Article Up is By Ira Kaylin

It will be carried in three parts by The Post.  We hope you will be looking for it.

2 Comments on "Why The Post: A Message to Our Community"

  1. I hope Ira will sharpen his pencils and write a little something about the GM project. Not necessarily a yes or no vote but more about the nuts and bolts of a City like Falls Church attempting to borrow so much money for this GM idea.

  2. Citizens for Not Becoming Ballston | August 17, 2016 at 6:48 pm | Reply

    New information on Mason Row, you may need to verify, hotel letter of intent “pulled.” Prospective movie theater wants more space. Heard the response to the movie theater request for more space could be handled “administratively”. I would assume this would force this terribly planned and constantly moving project should be forced back to a first reading? Who knows? The city seems to allow this constant changing group to have Carte Blanche in planning. Let’s see who gets a new car soon?

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