The Post Is Back on Line…and Facebook, Twitter and The Newsletter

Dear Readers:

The Post experienced a crash–or a hack.

We don’t know.

 We do know The Post simply vanished.

Now we are back–up and running–but still with a few creaks.  

Our City is at the juncture of so many decisions that will affect the schools and city services.  Specifically, those decisions will be key to ensuring the financial capability needed to provide for quality education while at the same time ensuring that we do not enshrine a runaway tax rate that will depress home values and financially strap homeowners.

Our city has “zero” news sources that cast a critical eye on government actions.  Each week there is nothing more than a cheer leading echo.  That is the anthesis of a democratic society which is sustained by vigorous debate.  The Post has and will continue to fill that void.

And that effort will be renewed by recasting Ira Kaylin’s most recent columns on financial initiatives by the City Council and the ensuing debate between him and members of the community.  That offering will be up shortly.




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