Update on Status of the Mason Row Mixed Use Apartment Development

The Post Requested an Update on the Current Status of the Project

Office of the Falls Church City Manager Has Replied


By Sam Mabry

With rumors swirling among neighbors and tenants regarding the future of the project, The Post requested a status report on Mason Row  and received the following response from City Manager Wyatt Shields on March 2.

“As part of the land use approvals for Mason Row, the developer must provide documentation that agreements for a hotel and a theater have been executed before the land entitlements are final.  That must occur before the Planning Commission can approve a site plan, and I can confirm that to date, the documentation on these agreements have not been received.”

Any negotiations by the developer or the current property owner with future or current tenants are not in the purview of the city and are wholly between the commercial parties.

The project is slated to be located on property bounded by West Broad and North West Streets and Park Avenue.

With regard to reports that the 7-11 store is in possession of future lease options for the next several years, it is understood from several sources that the developer and 7-11 have been in negotiations and those discussions are ongoing.


2 Comments on "Update on Status of the Mason Row Mixed Use Apartment Development"

  1. Thanks for the update. I appreciate your providing the update when others who are aware of the status seem to not be keeping stakeholders and the public informed, unless I have missed updates from them or it appears on the city website.

    Let me go a step further. As part of the upcoming budget presentation and discussion, city officials (Manager, Mayor, and others) need to level, straight up, with taxpayers on the success or failure of the promises made over the past few years to taxpayers on all the revenue they predicted would be generated from the various large mixed use projects. Taxpayers are due an honest report. The Mayor and others will gain more respect if they provide an honest assessment, even if things have not lived up to expectations. If things have not lived up to expectations, I personally don’t want to hear lame excuses like, for example, it is all Richmond’s fault like one council members likes to cite.

  2. Thanks for the update. I attended the public briefing by the Mason Hill developer several weeks ago and asked if the publicized 7-11 leasehold issues were problematic. One briefer insisted there were not, the other briefer chimed in to say negotiation were on-going. It wasn’t obvious were things stood. There was no discussion, at least that I heard, about the lack of agreements with theatre or hotel operators. Tinner Hill commercial is 100% vacant. Makes you wonder if this project is stalling out.

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