UPDATE: 7-11 Parking Lot Barriers Removed this Evening Following Strong Business Owner and Public Objections

Updated:  The Falls Church Post carried the following article prior to the removal of the barriers. The developer still has a decision regarding the open shed that has been used as a gathering spot and cut the foot high grass at 925 Park Avenue. Reports are that the barriers were being removed just as Channel 9 aired the on camera interview at 5:30 p.m. of two of the center’s business owners.

  • Spectrum Developer Compounding Traffic and Safety Issues in the Guise of Landscaping

  • Developer Fails to Provide Maintenance with Foot High Grass and Weeds at House at 925 Park Avenue

  • Neighbors Report Persons are Using Open Shed in Backyard of Park Avenue House

  • WUSA Channel 9 Interviews Business Owners for Report Monday Night

by Sam Mabry
Mabry is a former Vice Mayor and City Council Member

October 8, 2017

City Facing Some of the Same Issues as Bailey’s Cross Roads Neighborhood

It would appear that the Spectrum Development Company—the same entity that ran into neighborhood problems at Bailey’s Cross Roads— should have more regard for the citizens who live, shop or visit our city.

While spending who-knows-how-much for the shrubbery and containers in the 7-11 and lunch shop parking lot, it has left a portion of its development site, which is around the corner at 925 Park, to deteriorate.

Open shed behind 925 Park Avenue which neighbors say is inhabited from time to time.

Time to Cut Weeds and Board-Up the Shed

Most folks would conclude that if the developer has the resources for the 7-11 parking lot shrub and trough containers, he could cough up enough money to cut the lawn every couple of weeks, as well as board up the shed.

Not to do so is demeaning to the entire city and its citizens.

WUSA Reporter Delia Goncalves was at the 7-11 site Monday afternoon and interviewed affected business owners, including Kenny Currle who operates the SUNOCO station. The report is scheduled to air this evening on Channel 9. 

The City Needs to Be Proactive

In addition, the City must not be complacent or complicit in either the parking lot or the conditions at 925 Park Avenue. All citizens should be confident that the City is enforcing the zoning ordinances to the benefit of the community and not in any way defaulting to the developer interests. In that regard, the neighbors do report that the Police Department has “chased off” persons lingering in the open shed on the property.

What citizens should also expect is that Council Members are as engaged as Fairfax Supervisor Penny Gross was in behalf of the Bailey’s Cross Roads neighborhood. She was an advocate for her constituents and we should expect the same from our Mayor and Council Members.

All that remains of the barriers is their impression on the asphalt parking lot.





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  1. Shreve owns the property at 925 Park, Not developer.

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