In Appreciation for the Life and Service of Ira J. Kaylin

Ira J. Kaylin

May 15, 1946 – March 12, 2018

In Appreciation for a Life Well Lived and Effective Service to the City of Falls Church

Professionally, Ira Kaylin was a man at a high station dealing with numbers and financial ledgers, but for those of us who knew him as a friend—and highly valued his friendship and company—he was also a man of principle with a broad and radiant intellect that he shared generously with us individually and with his entire community.

The scholars and philosophers that now belong to the ages would have smiled knowingly—and with great approval—when tallying up Ira’s attributes that he shared so generously with us.

They understood that the essence of man differentiates him from all other creatures: Man knows and he knows that he knows.

Ira with His Sons James and Robert

And in knowing, Ira understood what it meant to possess and then express the spirit of integrity, responsibility and honesty.

However, more than mere awareness of our nature is required: Courage is necessary to advance and sustain these principles that define of the human spirit.

Ira possessed all these qualities—integrity, responsibility and honesty—in abundance–and the courage to advance and share them with his community when he was a Member of the Falls Church City Council and after he completed his service.

Ira challenged us to understand and respond to issues that were intrinsic and central to community values. In that regard, financial discipline and transparency are critical and, if insufficient, can have an immediate adverse impact on the community and one that may last for generations. In this way, Ira’s professional financial observations, suggestions and criticisms, were intertwined with societal and moral implications and obligations.

Parents Ira and Patricia with Son Robert

With characteristic unambiguous honesty, Ira questioned vigorously whether over burdening debt would adversely impact classroom resources for school children in future years. In this way Ira underscored his commitment to intergenerational responsibility: What we do today must not have the potential to adversely effect those who will rely on our good judgement now for their future benefit,

Being with Ira was at once comfortable, relaxing, and great fun—all the while invigorating. Ira was well travelled and highly versed in so many areas. He was an excellent conversationalist from whom there was always something to be learned. He was as conversant with the intricacies of the internal combustion engine as he was with the financial accounting guidelines issued by the Government Accounting Standards Board.

Ira Was Capable Athletically and Intellectually to Serve the “Ball” Hard and Straight

The sages say that what you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone…but what is woven into the lives of others.

Ira: You have left us with so much—so many memories, so many laughs and, yes, tears….and now we must take comfort that because you were, you will always be part of us.

Composed by Ira’s Friend Sam Mabry

Delivered at Ira’s Memorial Service

March 21, 2018


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  1. Thanks for sharing this tribute. The weather kept me from the service but I have fond memories of Ira. He was a gem.

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