Wolves in Sheep Clothing Roaming the City Peddling Their “Blah, Blah, Blah…”

Council Member Hardi Proposes Fatuous Parking Study and Solution …

… and She Votes to Reduce Developer Parking Requirements

Her Choice for Parking Study “Czar” and Political Ally is Bob Young

Citizen Opposition Required: You Get What Your Don’t FIGHT to OPPOSE

We are being played for saps by Letty Hardi and her fellow Council, developer and Chamber of Commerce cohorts.  The notion that you can have a significant beneficial impact on parking availability by using a can of paint is laughable.

But be damned the convenience and quality of life in a small city:  Let’s grow the “Little City” into a physical echo of Clarendon and Ballston–dense and tall.  After all, there are developers who must be satiated in order for the City to collect from them their cash proffers used to convince the citizens that all the “Fallstonization” of our “Little City’ is, after all, what we want.

Special Note: For those of you attending a city sponsored environmental meeting this week, we suggest that you challenge the city in the midst of its frenzy to brickover as much of the “Little City” as possible with apartments, to embrace a 1 to 1 ratio: For every square foot of construction, the city adds one square foot to open space.

The future is now: Take a ride or walk down Rail Road Avenue, where with the city’s active assistance cum “partnership,” Bob Young is building 10 individual homes cheek to jowl on land originally zone for 2 or 3 homes.  The Council wrote the legislation that made the project possible for one developer.

Kudos to the citizens on Rail Road Avenue and environs who vigorously fought the good fight but lost to the “insiders.”

We are now a City guided by a self serving consortium of special interests and they get away with it because of ineffective opposition that permits the likes of  Council Member Hardi to put forward a parking plan that is a fatuous distraction.

If we are to maintain any measure of our “Little City,” its citizens and neighborhoods must mount opposition to these “Hardiesque” follies.

Disgusted citizens–for their own interests and those of the entire community, should stand before the Council dais stating that they unequivocally oppose these kinds of dense, revenue-thin projects.  Council should fully understand that its not going to shove any more of these kinds of development down the collective throats of its citizens.  Those who are most directly effected hardly ever oppose the totality a development based on city-wide substantive quality of life and financial reasons, but rather settle for modest corrections.

Writing memos, position papers, circulating petitions et al is not political opposition and it plays into the hands of those who are relentlessly guiding the future of our city to an amorphous urban sameness.

Selective development is necessary and desirable.  The Post was a strong voice in favor of the Harris Teeter store and its apartments.  The by right development and redevelopment of other parcels, especially in the Annandale Road and Route 29 corridor, are more than welcome and needed.  The new Northside Social facility is the prime example of what we need more of to bring a real vibrancy to our community.

Editorial note from The Post:  We are dedicating the future of The Post to our late friend Ira J. Kaylin.  As a member of the Falls Church City Council and as a citizen, he fought tirelessly against the overwhelming power of a cabal of special interests which championed  projects that were thin in revenue and, in some cases, provided benefits for their own narrow interests at taxpayer expense.  When Ira threw a bright light on these issues, even many of those who knew he was correct, could not withstand the pressure to conform.  We admired Ira just for that reason–he knew his stuff, had the credentials to prove it and never wavered in the face of political correctness.  He is missed by those who admired his attributes and cherished his friendship.  Sam Mabry, Mark Kaye and John Leimone

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