Soros’ PAC Bets Big Money that It Can Change Arlington County’s Criminal Justice System–But to What and Why? Starts by Attacking the Police.

Outside PAC Money is Used by Tafti Campaign to Attack the Service of Arlington Police Officers

Arlington Contest Is Part of George Soros’ Efforts to Imprint His Personal Values on Communities

Special Interest Money: Blurring the Line Between Progressive and Permissive?

Commentary and Reporting by Sam Mabry and Mark Kaye

  • Mabry is a Former Vice Mayor of Falls Church and Chief of Staff to the Democratic U.S. House of Representatives Whip
  • Kaye is an Attorney and a Defense Analyst 
      The Democratic primary contest between incumbent Theo Stamos and Parisa Dehghani-Tafti for a four year term as the Arlington Falls Church Commonwealth’s Attorney presents the voters with a myriad of different issues to sift through before casting their votes.
What Do the Voters Expect  from the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the Next Four Years?
      We believe the dominant question before the voters challenges their foresight: That is, during the next four years will the citizens be better served the decades long record and experience of Stamos as a prosecutor or the philosophical policy changes proposed by an attorney whose legal experience is confined to mainly appellant work.
      That dynamic perhaps would not be so worrisome if Ms. Dehghani-Tafti were not encumbered by outside National and International policy influences funded by special interest money—including her campaign.
      There is no doubt that George Soros’ PAC is investing in Ms. Tafti’s campaign to further his organization’s ambitions.  These include, according to his website: “Support: Don’t Punish” where the Soros’ Foundation called on “policymakers to implement drug policies based on health, human rights, and sustainable development.”  That’s a worthy pursuit, but it also means that more offenders are back on the street sooner–if not immediately.
Soros’ Thumb on the Scales of Justice: Tipping it from Progressive to Permissive?
      It is a very fine line exists between being progressive on criminal justice issues and being permissive.  By attacking the police and prosecuting attorneys in Ms. Stamos office, it is a clear indication that there is a money-fueled agenda that has the potential for ending the steady economic and social progress that we in Arlington and Falls Church can enthusiastically embrace  and must protect.
      The job of the Commonwealth’s Attorney is to apply the law faithfully and fairly, not to use her office to effectively rewrite the law so that it comports functionally with the aims and aspirations of special interests–specifically George Soros’ Justice and Public Safety PAC.
      Accordingly, Ms. Dehghani-Tafti’s  passion for policy reform would be more appropriately addressed in legislative bodies where law and policy are made rather than interpreting the application of the law based in any part on the advocacy of a special interest organization.
Protecting Those Who Need It the Most
       It is heartening that Ms. Stamos is vigilant regarding crimes harshly impacting those citizens who are especially vulnerable—the social and economic demographic in our community that crime most impacts. In that regard, we recognize that a significant number of Tafti yard signs are in the safest neighborhoods where the citizens can muse theoretically and are not forced to make hard decision each day about their personal safety and that of their property.
Next Tuesday Voters Can …
…enhance and sustain the remarkable continuum of Arlington and Falls Church social and economic progress of the last 50 years by returning Theo Stamos as Commonwealth Attorney.

Soros’ PAC Contributions to Tafti are Highlighted in Yellow.  Note that Huge Amounts of Money Are Also Coming from California.  The Full Campaign Funding Report Can be Found on the State of Virginia Board of Elections Web Site

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